Workout in the Park

Come workout and play in the park today.
It’s free so you can put your money away.
You can run around, do push-ups, jump up and down
No matter if you’re uptown, downtown or midtown.

You can ride your bike for miles all day
Or rock and roller-skate all your troubles away.
If she doesn’t ride a rollerboard or scooter
Maybe a bicycle built for two would better suit her.

Skip rope or jog or even take a long walk.
Exercise your tongue and jaw with a little small talk.
Some athletic types leap steps two at a time
All for free without spending a nickel or dime.

Now with an indoor gym you’ve got to pay and sign
Instead of breathing fresh air and enjoying the sunshine.
The parks offer citizens a place to exercise and stay healthy
For which all have paid taxes, not only the wealthy.

So let’s take back our park and get back into shape
Even though passersby stop to gawk and gape.
Maybe we’ll inspire some to hop, slip or jump
Out of their comfy car seats and off of their rump.

Copyright 2020 John Crawford All Rights Reserved.