Straight and Narrow

Straight and Narrow is the way
I choose to live from day to day.
No wandering pathway shall I tread
Nor down strange passageways be led.

No more distracted shall I be
By things that are no good for me.
A temporary fix is no solution
But only adds to my soul’s pollution.

I will get by without getting high
On substances I’m forced to buy.
I’ll breathe fresh air to ease my pain
And bring me back to life again.

Clean living is the way I choose
No more shall I my soul abuse.
To the straight and narrow I’ll my mind tether
Health, happiness and life shall be mine forever.

On these thoughts I’ll meditate day and night
Whether sunny morning or not so bright.
Before breakfast, lunch and dinner too
I’ll read these words and think of you.

John Crawford

Copyright, All Rights Reserved