Exercise in the Park

Reach for the sky and then touch your toes
Repeat while breathing in and out through your nose.
Slow down and rest as your lungs fill with fresh air
Let your arms and head dangle and freely swing there.

With your hands on a bench, do a dozen pushups or two
Now bend over backwards and do the Hulu.
Run up some stairs, steps or the side of a hill
All by yourself or with a friend if they will.

Squats help you firm up your buttocks and thighs
Being strenuous they may cause you to heave a few sighs.
Dance the twist and gyrate your pelvis around
Shake, rattle and roll those bones with new energy found.

If down in the dumps do some hops, skips and jumps
As long as your heart is still beating and pumps.
You’ll feel restored with youthful vim, vigor and vitality
Along with the fleeting fantasy of youthful immortality.

Come and exercise in the park with us … it’s great!
Join the rest of us who are also trying to lose weight.
Tone up those muscles and trim flab down to the bone
Take a selfie and send it to someone over the phone.

Copyright 2020 John Crawford All Rights Reserved.