What Did Grandma Wong Say?

Free Hong Kong and sing the song … Glory to Hong Kong.
I want to tell old people to come out and stand with the young.
I felt sad when I saw the bloody scenes from Tiananmen Square.
The bloodiness stuck with me, so did the protesters there.

The longer I lived in Shenzhen, the more I felt something was wrong
And the more I hoped I could do something to safeguard Hong Kong.
I began going back to Hong Kong more and more often then
But was detained in August when I went back to Shenzhen.

I was detained with 16 other women and we all shared a bed.
The hardest part was the sleep deprivation, besides being scared.
They never turn the lights off and my heart filled with fear
When they told me I could not leave Shenzhen for one year.

The national security policemen came to my own apartment.
They scared me when they took me down to the Police Department.
I was so scared and frightened every second of the day
Until back to Hong Kong a year later I had found my way.

That moment was really, really happy but I did feel sorrow
Since the Hong Kong police could arrest me tomorrow.
I won’t give up fighting until the system is changed.
It’s impossible for me to be quiet … I’m ready to go to jail again.

I urge young people who can leave legally to start a life elsewhere.
It’s too late for an old woman like me to do the same anywhere.
I want to protect the young people who would like to emigrate
So I will stay here in Hong Kong and continue the good fight.