Milk Tea Revolution

Join the Milk Tea Revolution while sipping milk tea.
I sweeten mine with raw sugar or a teaspoon of honey.
Citrus and milk don’t combine so without lemon or lime
I take mine mixed with coffee – it’s totally sublime.

Add tapioca balls and you’ve got bubble tea.
Gives me something to chew on while I write poetry.
Now that I’m retired I have lots of time
To savor Taiwanese tea and write lines that rhyme.

There is nothing like a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea
When discussing East Asian diplomacy.
Just be careful not to dissent or step out of line
Or you might be arrested and have to pay a large fine.

Some say there’s a milk tea conspiracy
Amongst nations who support Thai democracy.
They say that the three finger salute is a sign
That the revolution has arrived and it’s about time.

So to all milk tea lovers who love freedom and liberty
We raise our milky cups high in tea solidarity.
If a good cup of salty Suutei tsai I can now find
I know I’ll have finally found true peace of mind.