Alliance for Thai Democracy

The time has come, it has been said, to talk of many things
Of politics, religion and the tyranny of kings.
Of liberty and freedom and what is right or wrong
Of democracy in Thailand and freedom for Hong Kong.

It doesn’t matter what’s your age or the language that you speak
Or whether you are big and strong or even small or meek.
All that matters is your heart, your moral code and soul
And that you stand with those who make democracy their goal.

We need to side with those who seek to live and love in peace,
With those who claim the right to freedom and also to free speech.
We endorse the right to preach and practice our professions
And denounce all policies and practices of forcing false confessions.

All people have the right to vote for who and what they choose
All are endowed with the equal right to believe or to refuse.
When hearts and minds coordinate in terms of peace and love
Divine guidance and intervention may be called down from above.

Government of the people, for the people and run by the people
Should be preached and practiced under every church steeple.
Peace, love, harmony and community will then reign supreme
And words will have a lot more meaning than in just a viral meme.