Upon surfing the Internet or maybe watching TV
I am sometimes inspired by something I see
So I reach for my keyboard upon which to type
A few words to express my delight or some gripe

A click on my notebook brings up a blank page
Inviting expressions of glee or outrage
It faithfully takes note of my grievance or joy
As I carefully select the right words to employ

No matter the thoughts I either start with or end
I try to rhyme words that I’ve already penned
Instead of straining my brain to make a line rhyme
A good rhyming dictionary will save me the time

I first scribble thoughts down in everyday prose
Then cut and paste stuff to rhyming lyrics compose
Words, lines and verses are shuffled around
Until into rhymes they are rhythmically bound

Immersed in the challenge to problems resolve
Time, space and TV chatter all seem to dissolve
Free speech and association are therapeutic for me
So I named my therapeutic poetry, Therapoetry

John Crawford

Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved