Believing in God is therapeutic for me
The Bible’s the basis for my Christian Therapy
Now I no longer beg, borrow or steal
Or question the claim that God’s really real.

In Christ I am healed and truly set free
From sin I am loosed and have true liberty
No longer craving anything addictive
I’m enjoying a healthier and longer life to live.

God is my therapist and I need no other
I have no other Father and don’t need Big Brother
My God comforts, inspires and heals my soul
When troubled, my heart He never fails to console.

Like the Therapeutae of old I’ll practice my art
And from unhealthy lifestyles and greed quickly depart
From strife I’m set free when by the Golden Rule I abide
And forsake all my prejudices, delusions and pride.

The cure, comfort and care of souls is a Christian tradition
‘Twas foundational to Christ’s miracles and His Holy mission
He is still working wonders and can spirits revive
While making your mind, body and soul feel more alive!

John Crawford
Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved