Poetry for the Soul

Whenever my soul I need to nurse
I write a few lines of rhyming verse.
It lightens my heart and gives me great joy
When this method of healing I am quick to employ.

To say what you want, what you think, how you feel
Is therapeutic and helps broken hearts to heal.
It’s like a ministering angel from somewhere above
Restoring one’s soul and filling it with love.

Some say that laughter is a very good medicine
So try to see the humor in the situation you’re in.
It’s not always easy but not too difficult either
If in spiritual healing you’re an ardent believer.

So pick up your pen and write a line or two
It shouldn’t take long before you’ve written a few.
Don’t worry about creating a rhythm or rhyme –
Just say what you’re thinking and how you feel at the time.

If you cannot believe in your immortal soul
Then understanding “Psyche” should be your first goal.
It’s the Greek word for a ‘soul’ that cannot be found
Since the Greek goddess so-named is no longer around.

John Crawford
Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved