Tender Touch

Whenever I’m lonesome or feeling heart-broken
I know that from you kind words will be spoken.
Your tender touch never fails to cheer me
Of your love I don’t tire or ever grow weary.

Your healing hands and tender touch
Are the reason I love and need you so much.
The touch of your hand lifts my spirit and soul
And my heart once again feels aglow and whole.

I’m so in love with your beauty and grace
And the love that I see in the smile on your face
That I want to reach out and into your heart
And I pray from your touch never to part.

Happiness is the gift you have given to me
It may be the greatest gift of all that are free.
For whatever I did to deserve so much love
I’ll have to search the world over and heaven above.

Whenever sad and lonely or feeling down and broken
I know where to turn to hear words softly spoken.
I know that my faith in your healing power is such
That I can trust in the power of your tender touch.

Copyright 2020 John Crawford All Rights Reserved.