Walk in the Park

We took a long walk in the park yesterday
And for that I wanted to thank you and say
That you turned the park into an enchanted place
As we strolled slowly along at a leisurely pace.

It was healthy to breathe all that flowery fresh air
As we walked along pathways and climbed stair after stair
But shortness of breath caused me to seek out a bench
Since Superman I’m not … just your typical mensch.

I am indeed grateful for your stopping to rest
Since at long-distance hiking I’m sure not the best
But for me the best part of a hike or a walk
Is to take lots of photos and make lots of small talk.

Now that I look at the photos we took down by the lake
I laugh at the small talk we continued to make.
There were so many turtles in the lake that day
That I’ve forgotten what else we had to say.

I never felt younger, healthier or so full of joy
In a meadow or park since I was a young boy.
I saw statues and fountains I’d never seen before.
Another walk in the park and no doubt I’ll see more.

Copyright 2020 John Crawford All Rights Reserved.