Christian Therapy

Should you occasionally suffer the blahs or the blues
And would like to have remedies from which to choose
Then why not consider a therapeutic approach
Intended to help you become your own coach?

Should you wish to share your cares and desire
With someone whose treatment is not for hire
But who knows the joy of the relief you seek
And with you will share his therapeutic technique.

Should you happen to meet such a person one day
And they said they would treat you for free and no pay
Would an apprehensive frown appear on your face
Or would you take it as a sign of amazing grace?

There are 17 therapeutic communication techniques
That anyone can apply despite psychological critiques.
One just listens attentively with nods of confirmation
Offering hope, humor and solace without confrontation.

If the Law of Attraction governs how you are feeling
Then Christian Therapy is a valid method of healing.
If in doubt, you can say what you think and believe.
It’s still a free country and we’ve the right to grieve.

John Crawford
Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved