I discovered a new word on the Web today
It connects your Spirit and Mind in a very good way
It’s a lot like its secular counterpart, psychology
But includes soulful and spiritual dimensions from theology.

Now some say that science can’t be mixed with religion
But who knows the difference without a good definition?
If psychology is science then so is Plato’s philosophy
As well as the spiritual science of Blavatsky’s Theosophy.

Freud was as phony as a three-dollar bill
Szasz exposed the fraud of calling people mentally ill.
The Mind can’t be ill … nor can there be a sick thought
Although some people complain about ‘not feeling well’ a lot.

The Greek goddess, Psyche, represented the Soul
So the shrinks use her name to practice their mind control.
They medicalize their beliefs in order to ply their profession
And use the power of the state to extract your confession.

Harken ye, who dare question the right of the state
To deliberate, determine and dictate your psycho-spiritual fate.
Those licensed to be secular guardians of the Mind
Don’t mind a bit if you leave your Soul and Spirit behind.