Mental Medicine

In order to stay mentally healthy and fit
I bought me a mental first-aid kit
Wherein to keep my mental medicine
Although no brandy or gin will you find therein.

To combat any mental illness in myself
I keep it on my mental medicine shelf.
If feeling mentally ill when in the morn I awake
A good mental pill will fix my supposed mental ache.

It’s all in the Mind, someone once said
But tell that to patients in a mental hospital bed.
No doubt they will really become mentally ill
After seeing the mentally deranged medical bill.

Medicine for the Mind is like the snake oil of yore.
Get hooked on psychotropics and you will want even more.
Drug addiction is legal if you have a medical prescription
And on dying from an overdose there seems to be no restriction.

Like COVID-19 mental illness fills hospital beds
Even doctors and nurses at times lose their heads.
All will be well though, if in the end we find
That mental medicine and mental illness are all in the Mind