Rocking Chair Yoga

I got a lean mean swivel seat rocking chair
I got a lean mean 5 wheel rocking chair
I mean I got a lean mean reclining seat rocking chair
I love my lean mean and portable Rocking Chair!

I put a massage unit on my rocking chair
Do my muscle massage and chair yoga there
I can take it cross town if the weather’s fair
And throw a fresh towel on my massage chair.

Stretch out your legs and in the rocking chair recline
While Shiatsu balls are running up and down your spine
A little Chair Yoga and you’ll be stress-free
Chair Rocking and Rolling is good exercise for me.

Some old folks are needing lots of free therapy
We need to jump up and get down on a bended knee
Now there’s no need to just sit in your chair all day
When you get your chair to massage your backaches away.

Come along and have some fun in my Rocking Chair
You’ll feel better if the good news we both can share
It’s not too far to go from here to there
For a free demonstration of my Christian Rocking Chair.
Copyright 2021 John Crawford All Rights Reserved