My Chair Massage

Whenever I sit down in my home office swivel chair
I adjust the back cushion that I neatly placed there.
It’s an old pillow stuffed into a worn out backpack
Which snugly fits into the arch of my tired old back.

It helps me sit upright and my spine to align
Instead of slouching bent over as I did most of the time.
It naturally encourages a few vertebrae to crack
And keeps my posture from getting all out of whack.

I can’t afford chiropractic for my aging muscles and joints
Or therapists to deeply massage tight trigger points
So I bought a massage roller especially designed
With head to toe “deep-tissue” self-massaging in mind.

It came with an easy to watch demonstration video
And best of all … works like they said it would do so!
It stimulates deep breathing, induces relaxation,
Reduces my stress level and is conducive to meditation!

Besides using the cushion on the back of the chair
I place the roller between it and my spine somewhere.
Like under my shoulders or just behind my neckbone
And let it roll its way down to my lower back zone.

In addition to this comfortable self-massaging technique
I put a roller on the floor ‘neath my tired old feet.
Its wave-like contours my feet easily control
As it smoothly rolls under my heel, arch and sole.

A good reason to advocate self-massage therapy at home
Is that you can work with a partner or else on your own.
Being safe, cheap and convenient are also good reasons
For self-massaging those knotty myo-fascial adhesions.

Copyright John Crawford 2020 All Rights Reserved.