Christian Yoga

Come praise your Creator in Central Park
Watch exercise videos by Emily Lark
Stretch and relax in the fresh air and sun
It’s good for your health and a lot of fun.

Bring a bottle of water and a yoga mat
Don’t worry ’bout being too old or fat
Early risers can get there at the crack of dawn
While sleepyheads snooze and choose to dream on.

We can meet in the park any time of the day
To hear what André McLendon has to say
He’s a fitness instructor who uses yoga to pray
And teaches the practice in a Christian way.

His website provides you with 29 prayers
To go with each posture or doing yoga in chairs
With a Scriptural verse each one is paired
All can be downloaded, printed and shared.

If you need to relax and your mind to calm
Pay a visit to
It’s all you can pay since park workouts are free
Even though you’ll feel as good as you ever can be.

Copyright John Crawford 2021 All rights Reserved