Christian Rejuvenation

To heal my soul and make it whole I need rejuvenation.
To lift my spirit high as the sky I need some inspiration.
To mend my broken heart and mind I need to be rejuvenated.
To get myself physically back in shape I need to be invigorated.

I need renewal and rebirth in order to survive on earth
And to lose a few more inches from around my waistline’s girth.
I need to walk and talk a lot for the sake of my body and soul.
And to keep my eyeballs fastened on my intended goal.

Christian Rejuvenation plays a spiritomental and physical fitness role
As we strive to revive our Christian heart, mind, spirit, body and soul.
We seek to restore and rejuvenate our vim, vigor and vitality.
‘Walk and Talk Therapy’ is our first step towards creating a new reality.

We put methods of exercise, relaxation and massage to the test
Choosing only what’s best for us and leaving the rest.
Each member has to find what works for themselves.
We have hundreds of health books on our library shelves.

We are neither a church nor a non-profit institution.
You can’t call us a school since we have no tuition.
We are just individuals striving to do better
Like those Christians in the Bible to whom Paul wrote a letter.