Gates of Heaven

Well, I told the Lord my trouble and He heard me
Seems He knew it all the while but wouldn’t say
Till I told Him that I needed someone like you
And to send an angel to me right away.

So He sent me down an angel from Heaven
To fill my life with lots of love and laughter.
She will take away my loneliness and sorrow
Until the day I die and go to the hereafter.

Well, I never knew what love was till I met her
And I never knew that love could troubles bear.
I’ll be waiting for her at the Gates of Heaven
Cause it won’t be Heaven for me till she’s there.

Now if Heaven is a place where no one’s lonely
Then to Heaven, who wouldn’t want to go?
And if angels rule in Heaven and shall love me
Why can’t I love an angel here below?

Copyright John Crawford 2020 All Rights Reserved