You’re all the world to me … it’s only you I see
My love for you is all I want to feel.
When I look into your eyes … I get hypnotized
And paralyzed from head down to my heel.

Paralyzed by love … like lightning from above
You did something to my heart right from the start.
I’ve been paralyzed by you … like a bolt out of the blue
As if Cupid pierced my heart with his love-dart.

I don’t know what you do … makes me stick to you like glue
It’s why I can never hope to get away.
My legs are paralyzed and I can’t run from you
My heart was stolen and carried off today.

Now I’ve been caught and captured by your charms
You can lock me up and throw away the key.
Smothered by your kisses and squeezed tightly in your arms
I’ll forever be in love and happy as can be.

Copyright John Crawford 2020 All Rights Reserved