Web of Love

Now I see it all too well … you cast me in a spell
You weaved a web of love around me.
Into your arms I fell … and from what I can tell
I’m at the bottom of your wishing well.

There’s no escaping you … I’ve fallen in your trap
I’m lost in love … and I don’t have a map.
What can a poor man do when you alone have the key
To unlock your tangled web of love and set him free.

Like a spider spins a web … with a thin and silky thread
You neatly wove and knit the net you spread
Over a deeply hidden pit into which a man will fall
When not looking or expecting it at all.

Into the trap you set for me … I was drawn helplessly
There’s no denying my attraction to you.
It’s what every wise man knows and I have come to see
Laws of Attraction give you power over me.

Copyright John Crawford 2020 All Rights Reserved