Filipina Girl

There’s a girl across the ocean on a Filipino isle
Whose happy face I love because she has the sweetest smile.
Her eyes are bright and shining when she looks at me
And her love for me is deeper than the Filipino Sea.

Her name is even sweeter than a beehive full of honey
That’s why I call her sweetheart and my darling honeybunny.
She says she fell in love with me and I’m her teddybear
Cause she knows I’ll treat her kindly and with tender loving care.

She has the sweetest voice and I love to hear her sing
So I promised I would buy her a golden wedding ring.
She is the sweetest female in the whole wide world
So I’ll fly across the ocean for my Filipina girl.

I prayed the Lord of Heaven would send an angel down to me
That’s who my Filipina girl has now turned out to be.
She is taking me to heaven with angelic warmth and charms
And a happy man I only am when I hold her in my arms.

One day we’ll meet and marry on a Filipino isle
Her big brown eyes will twinkle as I look at them and smile.
With shining eyes and smiling lips we both will say ‘I do’
Because she says she loves my face and that my eyes are blue.

Copyright© 2022 John Crawford All Rights Reserved