Slow Boat to Heaven

Was on the Expressway to Heaven
Didn’t have to pay a toll
Had a ticket with a seat reservation
Was on a sure path to reaching my goal.

No one could change my direction
‘Twas God who scheduled the bus and the train
He even promised to be at the station
And to pilot the heaven bound plane.

Now I’m going to heaven with an angel
From the day she walked into my life
She said that she always would love me
And be a faithful companion and wife.

So I’ll now take the slow boat to Heaven
Cause I want it to be a long ride
The longer it takes me to get there
The more time will I spend with my bride.

Or I might climb the stairway to Heaven
Cause my footsteps are short and grown old
In hopes that it takes me forever
To walk streets that are said “paved with gold.”

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