Heavenly Nurse

When my heart was broken and my spirit feeling low
You came along and told me that you loved me so.
I didn’t know what love was till you lifted me up high
And told me you will love me till the day I die.

You are a nurse from heaven and until my dying day
I’ll love you as my wife no matter what they say
I’ll never leave your loving arms or turn my back on you
And to my nurse from Heaven I always will be true.

When my old bones are racked with pain and muscles start to ache
Will you watch over me in case from sleep I do not wake?
Will you massage me head to toe if of exercise I tire
And breathe the breath of life in me until my days expire?

Will you tell me that you love me every day and night?
Will you comfort me when fear of death is causing me some fright?
Will you hold my hand and tell me that you know and understand
Why nurses sent from Heaven are so much in demand.

I prayed the Lord would send me an angel for a wife
Little was I thinking of my health or lengthy life.
Little did I dream that in Heaven high above
Twas you He knew I needed to nurse me and to love.

Copyright© 2022 John Crawford All Rights Reserved