Drop in the Ocean

Just a drop in the ocean of life
Like a fish and a wave in the sea
Like a raindrop that falls from the sky
Just a drop in the ocean are we

Like the flame of a candle will die
Or a bubble will burst as it grows
As balloons fly away to the sky
When a strong gust of wind blows

Our time in this world is soon ending
The days shorten and are quickly spent
Eternal life is only granted depending
On whether we ever repent

Oh Lord, please forgive me for I have sinned against Thee
I never believed that Your death set me free
I never accepted Your love, law and rule
I thought I was clever but instead played the fool

Now I see that Your Grace was extended to me
When bondage to sin was my sure destiny
Now from sin and captivity Your Blood’s set me free
And saved me from death for eternity.

Copyright© 2022 John Crawford All Rights Reserved