Ostrich Man

Ostrich Man, Ostrich Man – his head stuck in the sand
He don’t wanna, he don’t wanna, never ever understand
I don’t blame him, I don’t shame him, neither do I care
He can’t help it – born that way – born an Ostrich Man

I was that man until I learned to love the Lord, my Savior
Lived my life the way I pleased and never asked for favor
Did what I could with little thought and never with much care
But my heart was cold and empty, and my soul no longer there

Into my soul I’d never venture or even dare to peer
The idea of a soul itself would cause me too much fear
So I went to see a shrink who said he’d look inside my head
To find out what was causing my irrational fear and dread

Upon close examination he said he could not find a thing
Which set my mind to wondering and made alarm bells ring
I asked him if he found my soul and he with frowning eye
Said he couldn’t see my soul there any more than I

Sighs of great relief now escaped from ‘neath my chest
A mighty happy smile broke out as I leaned back to rest
All those years and all my fears were now unjustified
So deeply was I breathing I near broke down and cried

But then the shrink informed me that in place of my old soul
He said my psyche and ego were now what’s in control
When I asked him what a psyche is, he quietly replied
It’s Greek for ‘soul’ and we use it since our own souls have died

Copyright John Crawford 2021 All rights Reserved