Child on the Hill

Oh, look at the children on the hill
Their voices are joyful, gay and shrill
They dance and sing and laugh out loud
Making their mothers and fathers so proud.

See the boys and girls run up the hill
Then tumble down gleefully like Jack and Jill
Their cries ring out midst peals of laughter
They’ll have lots of tales to tell others after.

Gaiety reigns on the hill in the park
Where the children are playing until it gets dark
Memories of a forgotten childhood it brings
As I watch parents push strollers, carriages and swings.

Birthday parties in the park are such gay affairs
That the children can hardly stay in their chairs
They are so busy shouting and running about
That little time is left for frowning or to pout.

Gay children frolic and play everywhere
The sound of their laughter and song fills the air
All one needs to do is stay quiet and still
While watching and listening to the child on the hill.

Copyright 2020 John Crawford All Rights Reserved