Poet in the Park

A short poem or verse a thing of beauty can be
When read or recited in public for free.
When libraries and schools are temporarily closed
Who will oppose hearing what you have composed?

Hard-working New Yorkers who deserve a pay raise
Often lunch in the park on nice sunny days.
Along with a concert or a little live music
Free poetry readings can be quite therapeutic.

If dedicated to all who from the virus have died
Without monuments testifying to their honor and pride
Then who will deny our poetic license to speak
In the parks and the streets at least once a week?

Political bombast we now hear every day.
In support of corruption it seems our taxes we pay.
It is time for some poets to write and speak freely.
Boss Tweed was corrupt but was Horace Greeley?

Should to City Hall Park or Greeley Square you go
You’ll see a statue of Greeley from not long ago.
Tweed’s Courthouse, an Historic Landmark of the Nation
Is now home to the City’s Department of Education.

Copyright by John Crawford, 2020 All Rights Reserved