Why I Love You

There’s a song in my heart that I want to impart
To tell all the world about you.
I start the day with a song that keeps me feeling strong
Knowing your love to be true.

‘Twas on a night like this that I stole my first kiss
As you were looking deep into my eyes.
Your lips close to mine … it seemed the right time
And came as no surprise.

Into the arms of each other I don’t remember whether
Your arms reached out first or mine.
All I know is the kiss was such heavenly bliss
That my heart leaped all the way to Cloud Nine.

Now I dare share why I love you and care
Why I love holding you in my arms.
It’s because of that kiss that makes me reminisce
About all of your wonderful charms.

That our bond has grown stronger and is lasting much longer
Than either of us could know
Only adds to the reasons I’ll love you all seasons
And why from you I’ll never go.

Copyright John Crawford 2020 All Rights Reserved