Too Good to be True

It’s been said that the best things in life are free
And that some things that happen are just meant to be
They say that true love is rare and hard to find
And that like blindfolded justice, love too can be blind

It’s been said that we only have one life to live
And that instead of receiving it’s better to give
Some things are said to be too good to be true
That fame, fortune and blessings are given to few

So blessed have I been finding the love of my life
Someone who loves me and will be my wife
That I wonder if our love can be too good to be true
So there’s one thing I need to be asking of you

Her sweet love for me is as good as can be
Our love seems boundless, committed and entirely free
To marriage and family we both say “I do”
Is it possible our love is too good to be true?

That I should question our love leaves me not in doubt
But opens my heart to what love’s all about
Like babes newly born love gives us new life
And true love belongs to both husband and wife

Copyright© 2022 John Crawford All Rights Reserved