She sings like a bird but the song I never heard
I just follow her around and read her every word.
Like the rich kids of Instagram I watch her every move
As a member of the Snap Pack I really dig her groove.

I’m in love with Tiffany but she’s too young for me
Ain’t no one any sweeter but I’ll never get to meet her.
She too young for me, yes, far too young for me
And her picture on the Internet is all I’ll ever see.

She sparkles like the diamonds that they sell in Tiffany’s
Even though the song she sang wasn’t heard of at the Grammys.
When she graduated law school she was looking, oh, so fine
That I couldn’t stop from wishing that I was twenty-nine.

She’s sweet as maple syrup … it runs in her family tree.
Her mother’s name is Marla … that’s how she came to be.
Her father is the President of the good old U.S.A.
That’s why Tiffany’s so sweet and how she got that way.

No partnership or law firm named for Tiffany and me
So I’ll just keep on searching for another Tiffany.
There must be thousands of them ever since the store was sold.
But I fear they’re all too young for me or that I’m just too old.

Copyright John Crawford, 2020 All Rights Reserved