Chance to Meet

Should some bright sunny day you chance to meet
An old man giving poetry out on the street
You may want to read what the old guy has written
If by rhythm ‘n rhyme you admit to being smitten.

It’s not every day that the old man will be there
Or have a chance to with you his free poetry share
So when a free verse is freely handed to you
It will be a bright sunny day and the sky will be blue.

Should you start reading it while on your way
Being naturally curious about what it might say
Don’t stop perusing it or in the trash throw it
Lest the old man be watching and you don’t know it.

So before crumpling it up or just throwing it away
Glance back to see if he is looking your way
Chance is he’s still doing what poets do best
In hopes that his latest work surpasses the rest.

Now that you’ve come to the end of this verse
And wish to read more which can’t be much worse
The old guy will be pleased to your needs satisfy
And will gladly more poetry for you supply.

Copyright John Crawford, 2018 All Rights Reserved