Ten Thousand Miles

Although ten thousand miles from me
O’er mighty oceans, land and sea
Halfway around the world she lives
But still her heart to me she gives

I can’t believe it happened to me
To love I was as blind as blind can be
But then I met you from out of the blue
And now I can see and know love that is true

My heart was cold but yours, warm and bold
Reached into mine and put the deep freeze on hold
I came back to life so sure was your touch
That with every new heartbeat I knew I loved you so much

Like an angel on high above clouds in the sky
To my love in the Far East would I now fly
If with an airline ticket wings I could buy
I’d be at her side in the blink of an eye

Be that as it may I know I’ll see her one day
And for that day all I can do is wait, hope and pray
Since it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two
For us to tie the knot when we at last say, ‘I do.’

Copyright John Crawford 2021 All Rights Reserved