Mother’s Day

‘Twas in the merry month of May
That I awoke on Mother’s Day
And opened up the window for fresh air
When who to my surprise appeared before my eyes
As if forever waiting patiently there.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and blurted forth her name
Mother … mother, what are you doing here?
How is it you are able on this sunny day in May
To at my window on this lovely morning, suddenly appear?

I blinked, of course, who wouldn’t now …
Unless you’ve never seen a ghost?
What else could she be, she was mother to me
And of all women I’ve known, I loved her the most.

She laughed when she saw me wipe my face of a tear
As I reeled back in shock and was trembling with fear.
Her laughter then turned into the chuckle I’d hear
Whenever my father would call out, mother dear!

Ah, mother, I’ve forgotten what sweet cookies you bake
And how juicy and tender are the steaks that you make.
Hey, I smell a whiff of hot apple pie under melted cheese
With ice cream on top, can I have another piece please?

Now mother, don’t leave … I want you to know
Without you I’d have probably died long ago.
If it wasn’t for you I would never have survived
Or even come into this world while, still alive.

Thank you, mother, for visiting me this motherly way
It’s quite appropriate to have happened on Mother’s Day.
I am happy to have found that you’re still around
And to know that together we’ll forever be bound.

Copyright John Crawford 2020, All Rights Reserved