Senior Parade

Hear ye, hear ye, all ye who are able
Whether healthy, strong, faint-hearted or feeble
This you must hear if old age you hold dear
The Senior Parade is Saturday, April 24th this year

Now this is good reason to jump up and shout
And for seniors from indoors to arise and come out
We can start with a rendezvous at the tulip display
Then amble on over to the park for the rest of the day

I, for my part, on this first Senior Parade Day
Will be reading some poetry and then acting up in a play
T’will be in memory of the poor souls who in nursing homes died
Amidst false reports by the media when some authorities lied

So come one and all, whether short, fat or tall
We’ll be marching and singing and having a ball
Speaking of balls bring your Yoga ball and mat
Or if you’d rather, just walk a ways with us and chat

On your face I’ve no doubt some may wear a big frown
As you contemplate parading your age in this town
If homebound in a wheelchair or crutches you need
You are welcome to join us and we wish you Godspeed

Copyright John Crawford 2021 All Rights Reserved