More Than I Prayed For

God is good, God is gracious, God is full of love
Open up your heart to God and you’ll get blessings from above
From way beyond the clouds above with love He’ll fill your heart
And you will know that from your heart He ne’er will depart

I’ll never know why God chose me to count Him as a friend
Although I prayed for healing and that my broken heart He mend
I also prayed He send me someone like an angel without wings
And got more than I expected since He’s the King of Kings

So trustworthy is His Word that I without a doubt
May live to see the Lord himself descend from heaven with a shout
I’ll rue that day though when it comes and I’m still alive with thirst
Cause according to the good book the dead shall rise up first

Yes, according to the good book I’ll spend eternity with God
To still waters in green pastures He’ll lead with staff and rod
O happy day when I arrive and find myself in His embrace
Knowing that by faith we trust in His amazing Grace

Now I want everyone to know how Jesus loves us so
That to suffer, bleed and die upon the Cross He had to go
He took upon Himself the punishment due sinful men
And now enables those redeemed to be newly born again

Copyright John Crawford 2021 All Rights Reserved