Poetic Rag

The funniest thing I ever read
In the West Side Rag is best left unsaid
There are so many funny stories there
That to publish mine here is a bit of a dare

The Rag is so erudite, full of wisdom and knowledge
That to live on the Upper West Side is a color-blind privilege
I live in the Bloomingdale district close to the park
You know, the one you won’t venture into after it’s dark

So be it for the nonce … I may never write again
Great works of art can sometimes cause pain
I wear double X size T shirts in case nobody knows
And I’ll pick up my winnings next time I go to T Joe’s

Besides prose the Rag ought to send out a pome or two
Of UWS poets there are more than a few
A contest for best, funniest, worst or saddest of pomes
Ought to keep some folks busy while locked up in their homes

I’m posting this thing on my WordPress webpage
In case the Rag don’t include it on their Poetry Page
I’m not much of a wise man and was never a sage
But Old Timer’s Poetry and Theater is now all the rage

Copyright John Crawford 2021 All rights Reserved