Ms. Universe

Her brown eyes are beautiful, her hair gold and black
A model of perfection; front, sideways and back
She is the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen
That’s why she’s the reigning Ms. Universe Queen

Mother of two and wanting two more
A more feminine woman I could never adore
She has the prettiest face the world’s ever seen
That’s why she’s the reigning Ms. Universe Queen

She has a natural beauty that none can deny
As Queen of the Universe, none can ask why
She’s a model woman, mother and near perfect wife
Her husband and children will have a blessed life

Worth more than gemstones, silver and gold
Her love and her hand I wish to have and to hold
Her husband can trust that faithful she’ll be
With loving kindness she treats him most tenderly

She rises early to cook for her family each day
Grows food in her garden with her children at play
Rolls up her sleeves to enjoy her day’s work
She’s in no hurry to quit or to any task shirk

She’s skilled in the arts and crafts made while indoors
She assists all in need and helps out the poor
Her children play happily in the snow and cold air
Their winter clothes are all mended and ready to wear

She makes her own clothing out of linens and silk
She makes her own cheeses out of sheep and goat’s milk
She designs dresses and sweaters in her spare time
They’re so well-made and elegant she could sell them online

She always faces tomorrow with a grin or a smile
When she speaks she has something to say that’s worthwhile
Always kind and soft-spoken, she keeps her home peaceful and calm
She’s never too busy to read her family a Psalm

Her husband thanks God and sings songs of praise
“Many women have done wonderful things,” he says
“But you have outclassed them in so many ways!”
For his Queen of the Universe he openly prays