Goddess of Love

If ever a goddess of love could appear
Her love with yours I could never compare
For your love is as real as your heart is blood red
While mythical goddess love belongs with the dead.

Your love is real in mind, body and soul
It’s so good it makes me feel healthy and whole
With your love Venus can never compete
Since you’re the embodiment of the feminine mystique.

Like Cupid’s dart your love has penetrated my heart
Its power has ruled over me right from the start
With your love and beauty Aphrodite’s no match
Her love was fleeting and no man could she catch.

Your natural beauty exceeds that of all others
You are the most feminine of all wives and mothers
By living the simple life with its everyday chores
Fertility, prosperity, and victory are yours.

No painting or statue of some mythical goddess
Whether nude, half naked, in robes or a dress
Will ever come close to matching your feminine physique
And of no other woman’s greater love can I speak.

Copyright 2021 © John Crawford All Rights Reserved