Married on the Internet

We got married on the Internet
Married on the Web
We fell in love the day we met
And promised soon to wed
Married on the World Wide Web
We thought to tie the knot
Before we met in person
Or in case we soon forgot.

I found her on the Internet, no mail order bride for me
She was surfing on the web across the deep blue sea
She called me out by name and waved a great big sign
I knew that very instant she’d be my Valentine

I promised to be true to her and always to provide
If she would marry me and be forever by my side.
She said I was her hero and happy she would be
To be my blushing bride for all eternity


I asked if she would take me to be her man around the house
She promptly said “I do” since she was looking for a spouse
When happily she asked me if I would take her for my wife
I quickly said “I will and do” till I depart this life

We now pronounce we’re married on the World Wide Web
We got married on the Web and not only in our head
We want the world to know that on the Internet we wed
So it’s published on this website and can publicly be read.


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