License to Marry

                  LICENSE TO MARRY

No marriage license for me, he said
She sighed and replied, then we cannot wed
Why not, he inquired and then asked her once more
Is it illegal to marry the one you adore?

You know very well why a license we need
It’s required for civil ceremonies to proceed
No judge or priest will a marriage officiate
Without a license to marry obtained from the state.

Marriage is a fundamental right, he would say
A civil right like the right to speak, vote and pray
We don’t need permission to our own contract write
Or a state license to conduct our own marriage rite. 

But dear, she responded from her heart way deep down
A church wedding I want with bridesmaid and white gown
Wedding bells and confetti with a ‘Just Married’ sign
A reception, wedding pictures and honeymoon time.

No problem, he smiled, no problem at all
We can rent a Grand Ballroom or at least a big hall
Invite judges and clergy to our private wedding affair
On a sound system the pealing of wedding bells blare.

So who will pronounce us to be husband and wife
Till divorce do us part or for the rest of our life?
Over minor matters I hate to make such a fuss
But a marriage certificate, who will give that to us?

Have no fear, my dear, was his reassuring reply
The announcement is made by both you and I
If husband and wife we pronounce us to be
Who will denounce our matrimonial decree?

A marriage certificate is a license for divorce
It signifies our wedding vows will not be in force
It’s a sign of a marriage proclaimed by the state
And governed by corrupt laws politicians create.

So no marriage license need we, they said
To marry each other and announce we are wed
Dear husband and wife we’ll pronounce us to be
And together dispense with both judge and clergy.

With no state certified marriage we can’t be divorced
By corrupt lawyers and judges in corrupt family courts
Let those who free marriage forbid but are divorce quick to grant
Marry each other instead of saying the rest of us can’t.

Copyright by John Crawford, 2018 All Rights Reserved