She lives across the ocean near the South China Sea
She’s a Filipina beauty and she fell in love with me
She lives so far away I have to call her every day
Just to let her know I love her so and in every way.

She’s got the sweetest smile on earth and sings like a choir girl
And has the prettiest face in the whole wide world
I only get to see her when she video chats with me
She’s a busy business lady so I call her Busybee.

She doesn’t earn much money so I give her some of mine
She asked me if I wanted to be her Valentine
I told her I would marry her if she’s in love with me
And if she didn’t mind me calling her my darling Honeybee.

She said she didn’t mind at all and called me Honeybun
At first I thought she’s joking and just poking me in fun
But then she winked and said she wasn’t being funny
And loved to hear me calling her my darling Honeybunny!

I wish I could be with her now and take her hand in mine
I’d put my arms around her and be her Valentine
I love my Honeybunny and her face I do adore
But the planes don’t fly across the sea to Honeybunny anymore.

Copyright 2021 John Crawford All Rights Reserved