Before I Met You

I thought I’d been in love before … before I met you
I thought I really knew the score … before I knew you
Now I know it wasn’t true … it wasn’t love at all
I didn’t know what true love was and in love could not fall

I had my share of love affairs … before I met you
But never knew what true love was … before I knew you
No one ever cared for me the special way you do
And I can’t say I cared too much … before I cared for you

I’ve sailed around the world and scaled a mountain peak
Of people, places and events, I know whereof I speak
For love I felt no special need nor suffered loss or lack
I never had much time for love, now that I look back

I was too smart to share my heart … before I met you
Only fools, it’s said, will fall in love … but I’m not fooling you
Now my heart is captured and you’ve given yours to me
And in love with you forever is where I want to be

I was too blind to see the fool was me … before I met you
The only one I loved and knew was me … before I knew you
Now our hearts are bound together for eternity
And in true love with each other will we forever be

Copyright© 2022 John Crawford All Rights Reserved