Heaven on Earth

Oh, take me away to the place that we went
On that night in a hot-air balloon.
The place where the stars shone on Venus and Mars
As we floated along ‘neath the moon.

The air was so clear and the stars were so bright
I thought Heaven must look something like this.
No wonder the stars that come out at night
Have been called heavenly guiding lights.  

As we soared high above Earth’s atmosphere
And our Planet grew smaller and receded
I watched our hot-air balloon disappear
Since it was certainly no longer needed.    

In the silence and darkness surrounding us
Pictures of our past lives appeared.
‘Twas as if our own minds became Earth’s consciousness
And there was nothing at all to be feared.

As pictures of Earth we now became conscious
Engulfing our very souls and being
I came to the sure realization that through us
Mother Earth has a unique way of seeing.

Now if Heaven exists it must consist of such bliss
As t’will compare or exceed that on Earth
And if better than memories of each time we kissed
In Heaven I’ll rest and no longer Earth miss.

Copyright John Crawford 2020, All rights Reserved

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